How long does it take to get a phone call back?
Monday through Thursday we have a 24 hour turn around time for client inquiries. Friday through Sunday we have a 48 hour turn around time for client inquires due to events.

What if I want a non-princess character? 
Our Princess Packages include princesses, princess friends and princes, fairies and wonderland characters. Our Fairytale Packages include our Unicorn Character, Clowns, Barbies, and Ballerinas. If there isn't a package that fits your character, you can choose to Create Your Own Package when filling out your reservation request through our Reserve button. 

What if I just want a quote and I am not ready to book with a paid deposit yet?
There is no purchase necessary to submit a Reservation Request through our Reserve tab. The reservation request form will give you a free prelimary quote while you fill it out. Once you submit your request, we will contact you by phone to discuss your full quote and availability options. 

What is included in the packages?
Each package contains one character and one assistant along with their listed activities and price unless otherwise specified.

Can I alter or change my package? 
Unfortunately, no. If none of the listed packages work for your event's needs, you can use the package option to Customize Your Own Package when you submit your reservation request.

What if I want two or more characters at the same time?
You can add up to 7 characters to your package when you submit your reservation request. If you want a combo package (such as a Princess and a Superhero), there is the option to choose a Combo Package when you submit your reservation form. 

What if I want a Professional Facepainter and/or a Professional Balloon Artist and or/ Professional Photographer?
You can request this in the "Additional Comments" section when you are submitting your reservation request as we subcontract these services and would need to contact the individual(s) for availability. 

What if I want a real mermaid?
If you want a Mermaid with Mermaid Tail, you must choose one of the Mermaid Packages due to the need of a mermaid carrier. Also, mermaids do not walk at all. They are only carried from one place to another. You can upgrade any female character to a mermaid for a $50 updrade cost.  

Why do I need an assistant included in my package?
Unlike other companies, we include an Event Assistant in your package to ensure safety for our character and also for the assistant to assist you with whatever package needs you have such as setting up activities, contract questions, money handling, etc! We believe characters should not break character to handle such things thus ruining the magic for the children while also wasting your package time by doing so. The Assistant allows you to get the most out of your package by keeping your children magically entertained 100% of your booked event! Other companies make the character do all the work! If the theme park characters have assistants, then so should we! Our belief as a company: theme park quality, nothing less!

What makes your company different than others?
We provide actual performing characters to your event who have had immense training in entertainment including Professional Singing and Acting. None of our cast members lip-sync. All of our cast members are CPR certified and have cleared a background check prior to servicing clientele. We have only the best of the best cast members proven by having over 200 cast member auditions with only 20 auditioners who have made it to our Official Cast after passing online auditions, in person auditions, rigorous qualification standards, and character/asisstant event training. We send out exactly what is advertised in pictures and videos. What you see is what you get- no surprises! Our company owner was a stage performer who is now an Emergency Room RN who puts safety and client satification to the upmost importance. All of clients have been 100% satisfied consistantly for 4 years with over 280+ 5-Star Reviews and nothing less. Needless to say, we are very reputable and professional.